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We stock and steam bend a large variety of shafts and poles in hickory and spotted gum, including most sizes of sulky and cart shafts, in straight and Pagnal designs.
Buggy shafts are available to suit minis through to draught horses, and we keep a limited stock of phaeton sulky shafts and bent heel spider or cart shafts.
Special shafts custom made to your design can be bent in hickory or spotted gum.

A comprehensive range of swingle bars and fittings are available, please scroll down for more information.
Shafts & Poles
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A comprehensive range of carriage shafts and poles is available and kept in stock. Please enquire for details.
Swingletree Ferrules & Hooks, medium or large ferrule
Swinglebar Centre Plate
Premium Swinglebar Ends used with chain link traces, small and large
Spring clips for Sword-end Swinglebars
Stainless Steel clip for Sword-end Swinglebars
Leader bar Hardware set in stainless steel, Pony or Full size
Blank Hickory Swinglebars, various designs
Finished Swinglebars, Sulky & Buggy
Finished Heavy duty Gig Swinglebar with combination chain & slot-end hooks
Draught Swinglebars with ring or ring/hook combination